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Our purpose is to always, always, put the customer first, we take pride in taking care of you!

We offer all kinds of shelters:
*Above ground safe rooms (typically installed in the garage)
*In-ground garage floor shelters for folks who don’t have the space for an above ground safe room.
*In-ground concrete shelters that are installed underground on your land.

We get a tremendous amount of fulfillment by offering a service that helps provide safety to families here in north/central Texas.

You can’t put a price on doing what you love, and helping people out at the same time!
We are members of the American tornado shelter association and will always focus on doing the job right.

Our shelters are all MADE IN AMERICA, and F5 certified, (Texas Tech Tested many times!) to make sure that they meet and exceed all FEMA guidelines!

We can accommodate residential and commercial storm shelter needs, and we are happy to conduct on site visits to ensure that you get the right shelter type and size.

We look forward to working with you!

Gimme Shelters LLC 906 W. McDermott Drive, #116-281 Allen, TX 75013